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Singapore Business Global Investor Program

The Singapore government introduced the GIP to attract serious investors into the country. An individual can get a PR status if he or she fulfills the eligibility criteria and invests in business sectors that are approved by the GIP. This Programme is to assist foreign investors and entrepreneurs to set up and develop their business in Singapore. It provides links to local business networks and more opportunities for business collaborations. It also provides a range of immigration facilitations.

What Is Global Investment Program In Singapore?

The Global Investment Program is an investor visa that enables high-net personalities to get the Singaporean Permanent Residence for themselves and their families under the condition of making a minimum investment of 2.5M SGD. The GIP, however, will be applicable only to those investors and entrepreneurs who meet the minimum eligibility criteria for this scheme.

Features and Benefits of Investment Visa

  • Investments in both new/existing firms and VC funds are possible.
  • The smallest investment that allows participating in the GIP is 2.5M SGD.
  • After approval, the announced investment must be carried out in a 6-month term.
  • Every Investor Visa applicant will have to keep a special appointment with the authorities.
  • An investor can get PR for himself and his family (spouse and kids under 21 years old) immediately after getting the approval of his GIP participation. In 24 months, such PR holders can obtain the status of Singapore citizens if they are willing to renounce their present citizenship.
  • Living in Singapore on PR visa implies getting the Re-Entry Permits extended every 5 years. The visa itself doesn't expire if you never leave the country. But if you need to cross the border, REP extension will help you to save your PR status.
  • REP renewals aren't automatic: except fulfilling criteria of your investment plan, you also must: hire at least 5 locals, spend over 1M SGD, and reside 2.5 years in Singapore.
  • Other family members such as an informal spouse, stepchildren, or parents can join the investor by getting Long Term Social Visit Passes.
  • PR for parents and in-laws can be obtained by making an extra investment (worth at least 300k SGD for each person).
  • Some companies/sectors can be ineligible for the GIP. Please inquire about the eligibility of the chosen company/sector during our FREE online Investor Visa assessment.
  • Minimum investments for different sectors vary: for example, for the construction investment, the Investor Visa would cost you 200M SGD.

Eligibility Criteria and Requirements for Global Investor Visa

  • GIP implies investing a minimum of 2,5M SGD.
  • Money can be funnelled either into a new/existing company or into a special GIP fund.
  • Potential investors must boast at least 3 years of entrepreneurial success (verified by their firm's financial statements for the last 36 months). Having an outstanding investment portfolio is a huge plus.
  • Last year's turnover of the applicant's firm must exceed 50M SGD. Average turnover of the last 36 months should be no less than 50M SGD.
  • As a shareholder, the applicant ought to own no less than 30% of his firm's shares.
  • Applicants who plan to infuse their funds into a new/existing company must come up with a comprehensive 5-year business plan. After the Investor Visa approval, this investment plan must be carried out in 5 years.
  • Audited statements must be provided at the end of the second and the fourth year of the investment plan.

Investment Options

Under the GIP, the investor can choose one of the following options:

Option A: Invest at least SGD 2.5 million in a new business entity or to expand an existing business operation

Option B: Invest at least SGD 2.5 million in a GIP-approved fund that invests in Singapore-based companies

Investment Sectors

If you are applying for a PR in Singapore through the Global Investor Program you can invest in the following business sectors:

  1. Automotive;
  2. Consumer Business;
  3. Education;
  4. Electronics;
  5. Energy;
  6. Environment;
  7. Healthcare;
  8. Logistics and Supply Chain Management;
  9. Natural Resources;
  10. Pharmaceuticals & Biotechnology;
  11. Professional Services, etc

GIP Application Process

The following process has to be followed when applying for the PR though the GIP:

Make the Payment: The applicant must first pay the applicant fee to the Economic Development Board's bank account. The application must be submitted within one month of making the payment.

Download and Submit the Application Form: After making the payment towards the application fee, the applicant must download forms A, B, and C from the Contact Singapore website. The details to be filled in the forms include the applicant's personal details, the investment plan and the payment details made towards the application fee. The applicant must upload the filled application forms here.

Send hard copies of the documents to Contact Singapore: After uploading the forms send hard copies of the required documents to Contact Singapore. These documents include a declaration form for the application and investment plan, the payment transaction slip (for proof of payment), an undertaking on the terms and conditions of the GIP, etc. The entire list of documents to be submitted can be found here.

Interview Session: After receipt of all the documents, if the applicant is eligible for the PR he or she will be called to attend an interview session.

Approval-in-Principle PR Status: On approval of the application, the Immigration and Checkpoints Authority will issue an Approval-in-Principle (AIP) PR status that is valid for 6 months.

Make investment within 6 months: On issuance of the AIP PR status, the applicant will have to invest the minimum amount of $2.5 million either through option A of B.

Approval of PR status: The ICA will check the documentary evidence for proof of the investment and issue the applicant's final approval of the PR status.

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